Anime Boston Artists’ Alley 2012: Home Stretch

Each year, I’ve come to depend on my federal tax return arriving around the time that Anime Boston takes place. This year, it’s not showing up until the Tuesday following the convention. What this means for me is that I wasn’t able to make all of the things that I’d hoped to make (specifically, button packs: I was hoping to make two new Sailor Moon character packs and also reorder some of the “first season” packs because I’m down to 7 of those versus 16 of the “third season”/outer senshi ones… man, when I was first into Sailor Moon, it seems more like people’d be excited about the outer senshi, but I guess that’s not the case any more. Makes me rethink the other button packs I was going to make (Sailor Stars good guys and Sailor Stars bad guys). Maybe I’m better off sticking with bad guy packs from the first and second seasons? I’m also going to have to change the type of packaging that I was using because it’s gone up in price, unfortunately. -_-

Here are some pictures of the stuff that I’ve got in the works, at least, as well as my swell new Ikea-sourced center of organization!

Some of the stuff I'll be selling

Still in my laser-cutting frenzy, I made some Sailor Neptune chokers. These are pretty awesome! They’re going to be quite adjustable, too (and I’ll probably bring my pliers to do adjustments on the spot for customers – I have a big ole’ neck, so I’m not a great starting point for neck sizing).

Sailor Neptune chokers

I’m going to have an extremely limited number of these new-style Sailor Jupiter earrings using a pink glitter rose cabochon from Japan. I really wish that I’d gotten more of these when I had the chance because these are probably my favorite of the three kinds of Sailor Jupiter earrings that I’ve made. One pair is going to be part of the charity auction, too! Also in this picture are the sole set of Sailor Saturn earrings that I’m going to have on me (I’m hoping that the rest will be ready on time – waiting on supplies at the moment).

Super-special glittery Sailor Jupiter earrings

Prints are probably going to be the substance of my offerings – I’ve got five prints ready to go (one each, signed by moi). Here’s my neat “Uranus and Neptune” typography print. This (and all of my prints) will be matted and framed, too (I think they look nicer, and I also think that they sell better that way).

"Uranus & Neptune" print

This one, I unfortunately think that I’ve overestimated potential demand. I’m going to have about ten million pairs of Sailor Pluto earrings. I’ve had them up in my Etsy shop for a couple of weeks and thus far haven’t sold a single pair. It’s a bummer because I think these are honestly the best Sailor Pluto earrings that are on Etsy. They’ve got surgical stainless steel posts, the size/shape are pretty much perfect, and in general, they’re just really good earrings. Damnit, Sailor Pluto cosplayers, buy my earrings!!! If the parts come in time, I’m going to have some even cooler ones than these, too (transparent with foil backs, so they’ll look really effing cool in the light). Grah!

Sailor Pluto's (thus far unpopular) earrings

Since I got my new Silhouette Cameo in December from my lovely scrapbookin’ pal Carol, I’ve been excited to think about the possibilities for collage work. Here’s a little piece of a (very audience-pandering) work-in-progress. I’m not like OMGILOVEPONIES, but Princess Luna is really cool and probably my favorite pony in terms of personality and prettiness. Gotta do her eyes…

Princess Luna work-in-progress

Not visible in any of these photos are my Madoka Magica typography postcard sets. I’ll have 12 sets for sale. They’re gorgeous: the stock they’re printed on is outstanding, like amazing quality. The colors are great, too! I really hope people like these as much as I do. The one new button pack that I will have ready is going to be a set of Madoka Magica buttons – a six-pack featuring all the major players. It’s using a new style of packaging… I really like the plastic clamshells, but they’ve gotten very expensive (for the quantity that I order, which isn’t much). I think these will be cute, though! I should have them in my paws next week.