About Me

Hi there. I’m Mara. I live in MA with my husband, Christian. Among the things I value in life are tasty food, people of good character, things that are adorable, and a sense of stability.

The first thought was to make this a blog about pictures of adorable cats. That didn’t happen. Then I was going to make a website talking about toys. That started to happen. Then I realized that I wanted to post recipes and other crap. Hooray! Right now, most of what I do is talk about stuff I’ve cooked or places I’ve eaten and whatnot. Some of the things that I aim to cover in this blog are my interests in such as Japanese cartoons, video games, dolls, and such. I shall share recipes from the Secret Mara Test Kitchen from time to time, and I will also share some of my wants and desires as they relate to dolls and toys. One of the great things about being a lady with zero dependents is that it allows a great deal of freedom in choosing to remain in a constant state of arrested adolescence. I like video games as a visual storytelling medium and am fascinated by the sophistication shown in modern video games. I think that sounded convincing.

My mother and grandmother used to let me help cook, and when I got old enough to be trusted with the stove, I would try cooking my own stuff. I never really liked sticking by the methods my mom used for stuff on its own, and I would doctor things up out of curiousity. My dad would get fairly pissed off when sirloin steak would be served with onions, mushrooms, and canned tomato sauce, all stuff that it’d been braised in. There were other dumb things I’d do with food out of curiousity and my parents and sister became kind of hesitant to eat things that I’d made. I started using my mom’s cookbooks a bit more often than not, realized that there were Certain Things one does and does not do with certain ingredients, and that’s about it. When I moved out of my parents’ home, I had to cook for myself, and when my roommates caught on that I didn’t cook things in the sense that I’d add water to a ramen cup or put a frozen dinner in the microwave, I would share my food with them. I’d like to believe that it was in part my decent cooking ability that snared me a husband, but I also am pretty sure that my husband would eat fried eggs off of a fart if he could.

This husband to whom I make frequent reference is Christian. In many social situations involving nerds, he assumes the role of alpha-nerd and exerts dominance over all lesser nerds present. He may keep me from owning any sort of pet that I might want to have around because of his stupid allergies, and he may not ever want to go swimming, but he is exactly the person I want to be legally obligated to for the rest of my life. He’s a top Harvard scientician and spends his days sequencing genes and making chimeras.

In 2003, I found out that I was hospitalized in 2002 because I had multiple sclerosis. In this blog, I speak pretty frankly about my health issues as well. Apart from having multiple sclerosis, I don’t use my left eye to see and thus have no depth perception. Beyond that, I’ve had issues with my weight for a while, although I lost fiddy pounds in the past few years, a feat that I’m pretty proud of doing! I’ve managed to keep it off for a while, too. I’m still looking to lose a lot more, and I may talk about that from time to time as well.

As you might have guessed by the name of this blog, I really like cats especially, but I love animals in general. I have tried/failed to go vegetarian many times over the years, so I’ve come to accept that I am going to eat meat, but lately I try to be conscientious about where my meat comes from. The best I feel that I can do for animals is support them charitably, and I am a supporter of both the MSPCA and the Animal Rescue League of Boston through monetary and item donations when possible. If you love animals but need to find a way to express that love without having an animal in your home, I find this to be a pretty good way to do that.

Lest you think me uncouth for my childlike hobbies and interests, I also enjoy the world of visual art and music. I read books and follow the news as best as I can. I give money to charitable causes, I recycle, and I drive an environmentally-friendly car because I’d like to have a world that I’d like to live in when I retire. See, I’m not *totally* shallow.