Desktop Freebies!

Hey, everyone! Back from four sad days in Florida comforting my mother-in-law. It’s some sad business, but when is death ever not sad, honestly? I think that Christian’s mom is in good hands and has got some good friends who are looking out for her, and of course, I am the world’s bestestest wife, so I know Christian is going to be in good hands. My parents have also been incredibly supportive and helpful, and so have our friends. We’re pretty fortunate to have some great people around us – always makes this stuff easier to bear. Really, 2011, knock it off already with the tragedy.

In hopes of distracting myself a bit, I made some desktop wallpapers to submit to my favorite desktop wallpaper site, Simple Desktops. In the event that they choose not to publish these wallpapers, here’s some stuff to download and hopefully enjoy.

Garnet Orb


Moon Prism Power

Sailor V

Enjoy! These are all 2560 X 1600 and should scale pretty nicely.