Wanted: Have you seen this doll?

Hi there! Decided to make a sticky post about this. I am always in pursuit of this doll, Takara Sweetpop Barbie, circa 1983. Let me know if you see this doll and I will make overtures to buy it. I recently talked about this doll over in this post.

Sadly, I had an opportunity to buy this doll over the weekend, but it was going to involve more money than I had on hand. It was on Yahoo! Japan auctions, and as the dollar-to-yen exchange rate is utter garbage right now, this doll was going to end up costing more than I had on hand. So, alas, I missed my chance, but I’m not giving up. I am prepared to offer ~$200 for this doll in excellent condition, in box, and untouched. If you have one or see one, please let me know.