I know how to do something new!

Last week at work, I learned how to make WordPress themes. Yeah, cutting-edge. Bleeding-edge, I daresay. Anyhow, I may try to apply this knowledge to this blog. That nobody reads but me. SIGH…

The things taking up the majority of my time aside from work are the Anime Boston program guide and preparing for a panel at said event in April. I’m doing some light copyediting/proofreading for the guide with my favoritest collaborator Nicole. Nicole is someone that I reckon has a potentially huge future as a designer and commentator on all things cute. For reals. She’s a crackerjack-aces graphic designer to boot, and I have learned a lot from her. It’s been fun working on the program guide with her.

The panel presentation (you know, it’s not a panel discussion in that there is anyone other than me making the presentation, but anime conventions stick to that terminology – this is really a lecture) is on the topic of science and technology as presented in the video game franchise Metal Gear Solid. I’ll talk about some of the stuff and how close/far we are from actually achieving some of the things they talk about or use (and you may be surprised to hear how plausible some of these things are). Research is going well. One neat thing that happened in the past week is my former boss publishing some recent results that directly tie into my topic matter, so it’ll be fun to get to talk about that. The technology parts dealing with stuff like electronic devices and whatnot aren’t much of a problem for me to find out about and understand (as it’s what my workplace does and finally, after 10 years, do I finally start to understand what happens there). The life-sciences aspects are trickier and I am relying on my husband, a top scientician, to help me sound somewhat credible when talking about genetics.