Here’s a list of the dolls I like; this list is the list of the dolls I like

It’s getting close to the end of the day, so I’m a bit restless. Time to explore dolls.

Neo Blythe Nicky Lad

I like the glasses/hairstyle combo the best!

This is Neo Blythe Nicky Lad.”This charming Blythe has a distinctly boyish style, with her polka-dotted polo shirt, white denim shorts, work boots and ribbed socks–but those boots are hot pink, as are her funky glasses; together with her cute flip hairstyle, it’s obvious she’s all girl!” Yeah, whatever. More like that doll is made for my aesthetic.

Joan Holloway Barbie

Here comes Joanie! She looks like a present.

Comin’ up next is the Joan Holloway-styled Barbie. She’s in need of more curves, but I’d like this doll all the same. This new season of Mad Men is only two episodes in thus far, but it’s as solid as ever.

YoSD Chika

Booo, "outfit not included," boooooooo

After about a year-plus of feeling like I was totally out of this Asian ball-jointed-doll thing for good, I’m reminded of the fact that this month makes six years since I got my first ball-jointed doll and two years since I got my last one. They’re really pretty dolls, and they’re a great size, and I’d never dream of parting with them, but I don’t think they’ll ever again get as much attention as they did. Nope, still burnt out. But I still really enjoy the dolls. It was also the first time in a while that I was interested in Volks stuff: I really like Super Dollfie Charlotte here. No way am I bringing this doll home, but she’s got a really pretty face. Before her, I found myself pining slightly for Little Alice and Little Lorina here. This little jerk, Yo-SD Chika, is also pretty adorable in that she looks like one of my other dolls. Still, I’m not ready to start thinking $300+ doll purchases for a good long while.

I did get a new doll this week, though. A very manly one that I no-kidding ordered on 6/1/09 and received just this week. Said doll was a reissue Real Action Hero Naked Snake. I have a Naked Snake doll already, this is true… but that guy has different camo and an eyepatch. I was really surprised that Medicom was reissuing these particular figures from Metal Gear Solid 3, especially the red camo version. That one was a Japanese event exclusive from what I can recall. I guess when times are tough, times are tough. I’ve not done any research to find out if there are obvious ways to tell if you’ve got one of the originals or reissues. I frankly couldn’t give a shit that my new guy is a reissue because I just really wanted a Snake doll with no eyepatch. I WIN!

I don’t know what the hell else to write about. I’m waiting for my buddy Carol to stop by my office so I can give her something, and then it’s home to prepare for Hope & Tuan’s wedding (in that I need to do some last-minute shopping).

As a follow-up to my earlier post about alternate-color vegetables, I got my hands on some Okinawan yams at Russo’s. I’m going to try making gnocchi using a recipe I found on a blog today. It sounds quite good!