Dal frenzy!

Christian and I had some business at Animadness yesterday for a few hours, so in that time, I was trapped in a smallish space with a lot of dolls. How was I to resist? In that time, I made my Dal wishlist decrease by 2 with the additions of Charlotte and Melize as an early birthday present to myself.


For fun, I also took pictures of some of the displays in my glass doll cabinet. There’s the Metal Gear shelf and the Dal/Pullip shelf. There’s also a Golgo 13 shelf and a Barbie shelf, but those photos came out pretty badly, so I didn’t include those. The Golgo 13 shelf is probably going to get relocated at some point. It’s just a bunch of little plastic dioramas from a candy toy set. They’re not really glass-cabinet-worthy, but at the time, the cabinet was pretty barren.



My new Dal/Pullip wish list is:

  1. Dal Dotori
  2. Dal Chibi Risa * Vintage Rock Girl
  3. Pullip Princess Ann
  4. Little Pullip Phonetika (she’s Russian-styled, but she’s just as easily Ukrainian-styled)
  5. Little Dal Meena (see above)