Making truffles

This year, as is the case every year, I find myself short on funds to buy nice Christmas presents for family and friends. For the past couple years, I’ve turned to home-made presents. A couple years ago, it was hand-printed t-shirts for everyone using our Print Gocco. Last year, it was homemade bath salts. This year, it’s truffles! I’ve tried making one type of peanut butter truffle using a recipe found on the Hershey’s website, and now I’ve tried another recipe (ganache currently chilling). I want to make some green tea truffles using white chocolate and matcha powder (need white chocolate, matcha powder). I bought some neat candy wrappers from an importer that gets stuff from Switzerland, and I’ll get boxes at Paper Source along with labels for said boxes. I’ve thought about making a third set if time allows, maybe of choco-raspberry or choco-walnut. It depends on time at this point.

No pictures yet, unfortunately. The first recipe called for a ganache of peanut butter, butter, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract… and it kind of curdled when the vanilla extract was added. They tasted fine, but were kind of on the oily side. The second recipe called for 12 oz. semisweet chocolate, heavy cream, and peanut butter. It seemed light on peanut butter flavor, so I added much more than the recipe called for, probably twice as much. The chocolate dominates. Instead of extract, I scraped a vanilla bean into the ganache, though I did add a little extract at the end – the emulsification remained intact. I added less and constantly stirred. Gee, who knew? Just like making vinaigrette. We’ll see how they turn out.