The Great Nail Blogging Experiment of 2016.

I’ve been having lots of nail fun for a long time. Most of those posts don’t go any further than Facebook, which is friends-onlay because I feel weird about people that I have not specifically invited into my life seeing stupid things that I post about my life. Anyhow, a post about voyeurism is a topic for another time. I feel fine about sharing my nails with “the world,” I guess. I decided to do a gradient using the Femme Fatale polishes that I got from Live Love Polish (which my husband helpfully points out is “Polish Love Live” when you read it backwards). What you see here from pinky to thumb is Night and Silence, Moonlight Statues, Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…, Ghostwoven (4th anniversary collection 2015), and Jewels from the Deep. Mind you, I have no affiliation at this point in time with Live Love Polish other than loving them because they are awesome, friendly, and fast. Doesn’t mean that other places don’t have them, though. You can, of course, buy from them directly.  Their stuff tends to sell out quickly because what do you know, they make some really lovely polishes. The consistency is good, they include nice wide brushes, the coverage is good, the colors are amazing and overall, they’re just really good. LLP is a little more ‘spensive than other places, but I feel like you also pay for a really pleasant shopping experience with them.