Tales from the Crypt

That Mara, she’ll go months without updating this! Well, let’s see… I’ve got some more embroidery in the pipeline, I’ll be at Anime Boston 2015 per usual in the artists alley joined by the lovely and talented Nicole Peterson and Valerie Cabral and playing lots of Bikini Kill all weekend from my iPad. Progress on new stuff has been slow. Tragedy struck again at the start of this year as we lost a good friend of ours very suddenly and unexpectedly. He had a stroke in November, two days after my birthday, and he was in rehab doing okay, getting better… and then had a heart attack in the middle of a cold January night and never came back. It’s devastating to lose a friend. I’ve been trying to raise money for his widow/girlfriend because she could use it to get by while she works things out. Made pretty good progress, for which I’m glad.

My resolutions for this year were to “lose things:” weight, our condo, and some of my clutter. On the weight loss front,  I am down 10 pounds thanks in no small part to the miraculous iDiet program which was offered through work at a discounted price. The first few weeks were a struggle. This week’s been particularly good. The food’s good, there are weekly meetings, and I can enjoy doing this with my peer colleagues at work. I find losing weight is best done with a team.

As for the condo, we’ll see. As for the clutter, does it make sense to hold an indoor yard sale?

Something else I’ve been daydreaming about is getting a new car. Ours is almost paid off, and like the spoiled children we are, we’re booooooored with it and we want the sweet plug-in Prius hybrid. Will we get our way? Stay tuned, I’ll tell you in like eight months!