My new “thing”

Happy New Year! This year will be like the others, wherein I update sporadically and it’s cool because like three people even read the blog. Let’s be realistic!!!

So, I have discovered a new thing that I enjoy doing, and that thing is embroidery. Last month, I took a class on embroidery basics at Gather Here in Cambridge. Let’s say that I was extremely taken with the class and as such, I’ve been practicing doing simple stuff on my own. I’m taking another class, “Embroidery Beyond Basics,” later this month at Gather Here once again, and I’m really looking forward to it. Embroidery is cheap, fun, and pretty easy (when doing the easy stitches at least)! I made a perfect French knot on my first try, but I’ve not made one since. Oops.

Anyhow, my first project after the class was to do a little Outer Senshi talisman project. I wanted to use shiny metallic pearl cotton threads because I didn’t know what I now know, which is that using that floss will make you nuts. It frays like crazy, it tangled up on me constantly. I also think that, because I’m a beginner, there’s some magic trick to using this thread that I don’t know about. ;_; I did read about using beeswax to keep your stuff from tangling up, which I must now do…

So, if you’re looking to take up an inexpensive, easy, and fun hobby, embroidery may be for you! People have had lots of encouraging things to say to me, which is very much appreciated. I’m going to probably embroider some stuff for my artists’ alley table at Anime Boston 2013… yes, I am confirmed for a table, although I haven’t paid up yet. I will, though! I can’t wait… I’ve got a good five months to come up with lots of fun stuff, and I’m pretty excited!

Here are some pictures of the stuff that I’ve been working on…Note: do not be alarmed by the broken-looking Flickr thumbnails; there really is an image gallery with real images there. I’m not sure why these images are “currently unavailable” as thumbnails.





I also thought I’d share pictures of the neat Akemi Homura doll that Christian gave me for Christmas. I’ve never owned an Azone doll before… she’s a lot smaller than I expected and her face paint is fantastic!