It is time.

It’s time both for a long overdue update and some photos, that is! Here’s how I’ve spent the past couple of months preparing for Anime Boston 2013: with a lot of stress, that’s how! Embroidery is simultaneously really relaxing and really frustrating when you note how much time you’ve put into a project only for it to turn out kind of crappy. I will also attribute this to the learning process. When deciding how to price my embroidery, I decided to charge $1.50 an hour for labor. Seems fair, right? Maybe even undercutting myself? I don’t know. The proof will be in the commerce that occurs this weekend. I have a larger table this year (six feet instead of two), so I decided to practice, heh. It was nice to discover that my tablecloth still works on a six-foot table, for some reason I thought I’d made it specifically for a four-foot space. Glad to find out that I was wrong! I got a neat retail fixture from Amazon for a reasonable price, so that’ll save a lot of table real estate. I wanted to still come up with a pretty appealing display to lure people over and maybe get them to buy a thing. SO! I’ll have the usual round-up of things from my Etsy shop, like the good ole’ Solid Snake’s Favorite Band is Cheap Trick buttons and the like, plus my usual Sailor Moon buttons, plus last year’s Madoka Magica buttons and postcards (please, please buy my postcards ♥) aaaaand a neat little three-pack of buttons for charitable purposes: I’m selling them for $3 a pop. $1.50 from each button pack sale will go to the One Fund Boston, and the other $1.50 will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I wanted to do something after the horrid events of the week of April 15. Anyhow, I’ve got some photos to share… [flickr]set:72157633586100358[/flickr] You’ll see some time key necklaces there: once those are sold out, I’m not making more. Why? Because someone is already doing a much better job than me, so I see no reason to continue making these. I highly encourage the supporting of Kumacrafts; she makes awesome stuff and deserves your support!