More things for the Artists’ Alley

Since my tax refund showed up today, I decided to waste no time in getting the other things that I wanted to have ready for my artists’ alley table ready and ordered. The Madoka buttons arrived today and they are adorable! The packaging’s a little different from what I expected, but whatevs. They’re still cute!

My original plan was to make some Sailor Moon buttons packs of the Sailor Starlights + Princess Kakyuu + Chibi Chibi + Healed Galaxia, but when I noticed that my outer senshi stuff hasn’t been selling quite as well as the inner senshi stuff, I decided to put that one on hold for now. Instead, I’ll have Dark Kingdom buttoms and Animamates buttons (because they’re my favorite Sailor Moon villains). I reordered the Inner Senshi buttons, but in different packaging (the price of the other type of packaging went up significantly). Each pack is going to be five bucks.