Why I haven’t updated

Short answer: I lost about 30% of the vision in my left eye for a couple of weeks due to MS. It’s mostly resolved now (I’d say that I am back to about 85% of my “can see things without distortions” baseline), and I’m overall okay. This has been my most active summer of MS in the nine years that I’ve had MS. MS decided to celebrate our anniversary by messing up my left eye—the only one I see out of—as a special present. In exchange, I started taking Tysabri last Friday, so MS can go to hell. Huh, I thought I’d mentioned it here, but I guess I didn’t: near the middle-to-end of July, I had a flare-up that involved my legs and arms/hands being extremely weak. After getting some steroids, that was cleared up pretty quickly save some lingering numbness in my left hand. Anecdotes about Tysabri mention some patients going back to their previous baseline after taking it, so maybe my hand will get better, maybe not. It’s not terrible or debilitating.

I wanted to say something, at least, and not go the entire month of September without saying peep. I’m okay, I’ve got some more junk in the pipeline for my shop, and overall things are going well.