The Supermeow! Shop: What is it?

Have you ever participated in an artists’ alley-type show where you had a bunch of stuff to sell and then had a bunch of stuff left over? Did you also decide to try selling this stuff online afterwards? Did you ever want to pretend that you were a shop owner with an apron and a broom, adding licorice whips to an old-tymey medicine jar on the worn wooden counter of your shop that also had a barrel of pickles? Well, I have had these fantasies and I also still have a bunch of stuff to sell from my Anime Boston artists’ alley table, so I bring these things to you in the Supermeow! Shop.

“But why do you have all of this stuff listed as ‘coming soon?’ What’s your hold-up?”

My holdup is that I’m still trying to figure out how shipping is going to work: do I charge flat-rate-type rates? Do I do this by weight? By price? By amount? What are things going to weigh, anyhow? I really don’t know the answers to these questions just yet. The one item that I don’t actually have in hand right now is the “Greatest Fictional American” button – that’s being made right now. I should have those in a couple of weeks.

“Why aren’t you sending anything outside of these United States? Are you some kind of xenophobe or are you just too lazy to bother with customs forms?”

Filling out customs forms for piddly stuff like buttons and $5 prints isn’t something that I’m real keen on doing. We can always talk, though.

“Is this a real business?”

As of right now, my expenses are far greater than my income, so I’m operating at a loss. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t have to start paying taxes until I exceed $600 in revenue. I’m not real keen on doing this as anything other than a side project and to clear stuff out of my house.

The shop should be open for reals on or before May 15, 2011. Stay tuned!