Anime Boston 2011 (or, “My Weekend Mostly in my Hotel Room”)

So, that last blog post I made on Wednesday where I mentioned not feeling well? Yeah. Well. That blew up into what was diagnosed as a really bad cold on Thursday at urgent care and then a viral or bacterial infection on Saturday evening at urgent care. What it meant was closing down my artists’ alley booth early on Friday and shutting down at 6PM on Saturday. HOWEVER! Don’t let it sound like I had a shitty time or anything. I should really post something thanking the people who helped me out and took care of me when I was down and out and didn’t have no pimp, so I’ll simply thank those people, and you know who you all are. I had a lot of people to thank for helping me out this weekend on a lot of fronts. I think I may be doing a lot of baking once I feel better! I wish I could have had more time to spend hanging out with people. I think if you saw my trash overflowing with tissues, you’d be glad I stayed in my room. In alpha order, some of these very people that I am thinking of are: Andrea, Anthony, Becca, Carol, Christian, Chris, CJ, Doug, Gen, Hope, Inkyraven, Jackie, Jenna, Lauren, Matt, Mike, Nicole, Nikki, Prairie, Seb, Shelli, Tricia, Tuan, and Val. I kiss you!

This was not the worst convention in terms of shitty health problems cutting into my ability to attend the event. That prestigious honor goes to my trip to Ohayocon 2010, where I ended up in the emergency room on Friday evening shortly after arriving when I kept vomiting nonstop with accompanying vertigo that made me look like I was trashed out of my mind by all reasonable appearances. I spent the entire trip in the hotel room. I actually got to walk around at this one!

Anyhow, as you might expect by such limited time, I’ve got a lot of stuff left over to be sold, so I’m working on setting up a shop on Big Cartel because they don’t charge fees. Sales are limited to the US only at this time (but if you e-mail me and I know you personally, we can talk – I’m sorry, but dealing with customs is a huge pain in the ass that I’d rather avoid if possible). Debating on whether or not I want to spend the extra $10/month to have more pictures/custom templates and whatnot, but since I’ve only got a few buttons to sell right now, I’ll do this.  Stay tuned!

And now, I really want to find craft shows or other artists’ alleys that I can sign up for so I can do this again and build on the things I learned from this weekend.