The Friendly Toast in Cambridge

Tonight was the fourth time we’ve given the Friendly Toast in Kendall a shot at our dining dollars. So far, it’s been pretty inconsistent. I maintain that the one in Portsmouth  was better in terms of food quality, service, and consistency; husband says it was just as inconsistent The mojito milkshake in Portsmouth is full of lime, vanilla, and fresh mint flavor (or it was); the one in Cambridge tastes more like mouthwash-mint and has not even a hint of lime. We got our almond joy pancakes in two shifts. They were good, but I’ve had them fluffier and cooked just right instead of just about the other side of overcooked. Homemade hash was very tasty, no complaints from me. I dunno. Maybe I’ve been putting an unreasonably high standard on it, but I am pretty sure that the Portsmouth location’s been better. After almost a year, I’d like to see them work out the dang kinks a bit better. Is it because this area lacks the gutterpunk work force that’s present in Portsmouth? I do not know. The only way I think this is going to be settled is to go up to Portsmouth. I’d like to see how they’ve redecorated the Portsmouth location. The first time I went there, it was a few years ago on a Sunday morning with my parents and I tell you, I felt more of a spiritual connection with that place than I ever felt in church. It was like a glorious palace of all that is good in the world in terms of decor, menu, atmosphere, even location.