Solid Snake’s Favorite Band is Cheap Trick: The Pin!

After hours of deliberation on what is not the most important part of book production but certainly one of the most fun, I have come up with what I feel is some decent packaging for the pins that will go along with sales of my book!

The pins themselves are being made by the Busy Beaver Button Co. at the recommendation of my BFF, Prairie. I got some cello bags from a lady on Etsy and I’m going to use business cards with a fun background from Overnight Prints as the backing board for each pin with a couple of holes punched in them (manually). The cards are going to have a spot UV gloss finish for most of the card except where the eye peekholes are and that one black line down the middle that shows “there is shadow here, and not glossy metal.” 😀 I don’t think this is what they had in mind when they offered that free spot UV, haw haw. It’s pretty much going to be totally glossy – a fine use for gloss varnish is to make what is supposed to be a metallic surface look metallic, right?

Real examples forthcoming when I have all this stuff in hand.