Roslindale Day

Today was the day of the Roslindale Day Parade, in honor of the strong military power that is the Boston neighborhood of Roslindale. They bust out the official Roslindale ICBM and children run aside it. Actually, none of that’s true. It’s mostly a place for local politicians, dance schools, veterans’ organizations, banks, and other youth organizations to do their thing. To my delight, my congressman, Stephen Lynch, was in the parade. Stephen Lynch is awesome because he takes no shit from plutocrats.
So, I yelled and waved (“I voted for you!”) and was completely ignored. 🙁

No loss… My old buddy from high school, Matt O’Malley, he was in the parade, too! Matt is running for city council. We were pals, and I have a photo of us goofing around at my junior prom. Did Matt notice me yelling over at him? Nope! Totally unnoticed. Cry! 🙁

I was going to ask him if he’d use his office to get the ROTC kids to march in step during future parades, or if he could his influence to get a third Elmo to join the other two Elmos in the parade. Hmph. I can’t vote for him, anyhow!

Christian and I were thinking that we seriously need to start getting Anime Boston to enter parades with a costly dance party in the back of our friend Nick’s pickup truck. We should invite our favorite attendees to join us, too.

In honor of Christian’s belated birthday, my mom made nalysnyky. I got to see a better way of rolling them for the future! She also recently started rolling hers in panko and baking them, and I like it! It makes them very crunchy. Her broth was a lot better, too. I think next time I try making them, they’ll be even better.