My doll is pretty

Once upon a time, not a single day would go by where I’d not browse Den of Angels, the mega-forum for people who like Asian ball-jointed dolls, nor would I pass up a chance to go to a company-hosted party in New York City for owners of dolls made by a certain company for the specific purpose of buying MORE things from this company. This year, neither of these things are happening. My adoration for Asian ball-jointed dolls has cooled considerably, both from these trying economic times and also general changing interests. Would I sell my dolls to make room for a new hobby? Hell, no. I still enjoy my dolls. Maybe not with the same enthusiasm as I had a few years ago, but I still enjoy them.

To that end, my buddy Gen, arteeste name of Engelmech, repainted my Volks Super Dollfie 13 Elena for me, named Victory by me. Ole’ Victory was a wedding present to me from my husband. I am not going to go into a huge explanation of Volks and their dolls and the intricacies of the doll enthusiast world; that can be found elsewhere if you really care. Anyhow, Gen’s repainted her before; I decided it was time for a refresh. Gen’s repainted most of my dolls at this point, and she never disappoints. Ever. She’s ridiculously talented and while she is aware she is talented, she’s not got a big huge bloaty-head about how absurdly talented she is. Anyhow, here’s my doll. Even in spite of my laughably bad photo-taking ability, I think she’s still pretty cute.