Holiday preparation!

Wow, when did it become the end of the year? Naturally, the topic of Christmas is on my mind, and what sorts of things to give people. As is the case every year, I don’t have a ton of dough, so the presents I’ll be giving will pretty much all be handmade. I like this method – I used to worry that it was a cop-out, but there’s something satisfying about working hard to make things for people. Rather than give my plans away, I’ll just say that these presents will be coming from my kitchen and I hope that they turn out well.

One of my ideas involves bacon.

One is coming directly from the Flour Bakery cookbook, which I’ve already prattled on about at great length.

That’s about all I’ve got for now!

Switching gears for a minute, one of the things I’ve been doing, along with working on my upcoming self-published comic book (and this week, printing was offered to me as a donation! Woo!), is working on redesigning some of my old, stagnant websites for no reason other than to try new things and generate portfolio content. First on the list is my doll website. I haven’t added or subtracted any dolls from my Super Dollfie collection in two years, and I don’t doubt that it will be either growing or shrinking any time soon, but what the hell. Next after that is redesigning my website about R. Dorothy Wayneright that I haven’t updated in about six years. I keep paying to renew the domain, not quite able to bring myself to stop doing so. I haven’t really cared about The Big O much in a while, but again, it’s not to say that I don’t care at all. Again, it’s a chance to generate some portfolio content.

Probably more pressing than either of these, though, is designing a site for my comic book. I’m probably going to be selling them online as well as at Anime Boston, so I should really set something up for that. In fact, that’s probably quite a bit more important than updating my doll site or my six-years-neglected anime character shrine site. I’m taking the week after Christmas off, so maybe I’ll work on it then.