Driving cars to fight MS

Though I did participate in an MS Walk a few years ago, when I got an e-mail from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society about their MS Auto Rally, I was intrigued. Could this be an experience on par with the action depicted in the fine feature film Midnight Madness?

Well, I am hoping so, at least. Together with my husband and trusty friend millionaire anime translator Neil Nadelman, we shall ride around in our car through Concord, MA doing deeds!

You can even give our team Golgo 13 and the Solid Snakes one whole American dollar if you like!

The organization’s fundraising goal for this event is $35,000, but right now they’ve only met 18% of that goal. With a couple weeks to go, I’m feeling bad. I’ve made my (initial) goal and wouldn’t mind raising more dollars for them because they are an extremely deserving charity. I know from experience! Take it from a satisfied customer, they make a big difference. But yeah, sales pitch aside, I am really looking forward to this. It was hard to settle on a team name. I went back and forth between the two names (Golgo 13 and the Solid Snakes, which is our Rock Band band name, and Toyota Prius and the Recalled Brakes which I just thought was funny) for a while. This sounds like so much fun: you get clues and you drive around obscure parts of Concord, MA. So yeah, it could indeed end up like the plot of Midnight Madness. Will Christian stash marshmallows inside of the navigation computer? We’ll see!