Cheddar-scallion scones: have I mastered you?

So. I’ve been trying to make the cheddar-scallion scone recipe found in the Flour Bakery cookbook. The first time, the scones pooled into a pizza-looking thing, spilling over the sides of the pan and looking kind of messed up, but it still tasted great. I went to the Flour Bakery cookie swap a couple of weeks later where Joanne Chang was doing some Q&A and I showed her my shameful scones and asked what I might have done wrong. She recommended going with the metric measurements rather than imperial. I tried again, and I got better results, but didn’t remember to measure/weigh the crème fraiche. Oops. Still kind of pool-y, but a lot fluffier and more cohesive. This morning, I measured out everything in metrics, including the crème fraiche, and I got results that I think I should have been getting all along. At any rate, they were deliiiiiiicious.

Adorable miniature teddies look on in the background. I LOVE ALL OF THE THINGS IN THIS PICTURE!

Cross-section of scone. I didn’t get pictures of it intact (obviously) because it smelled too good and we were too hungry to wait. SOOO GOOOD. So buttery! They’re more like the best cornbread than scones, which I always think of as being dry, crumbly, and promising more than they actually are able to deliver. These, on the other hand, are awesome. I have more of a salt-tooth than a sweet one, and I generally like savory things more in the morning. This is PERFECT. The only criticism I have of the recipe is that maybe instead of calling for 1/2 cup of crème fraiche, this should really call for 1/4 cup. Eyeballing what 120 grams of crème fraiche looked like made it seem like it was more on line with 1/4 cup. Everything else? Thumbs up!