Bonus post: Re-ment Frenzy

At yesterday’s gift exchange at Prairie’s, Christian gave me some Re-ments that I was not previously aware existed. Said Re-ments: TEDDY’S HOUSEKEEPING.

If you know me, you know that teddy bears are a severe weakness for me. I find it pretty hard to resist teddy bears (well, unless they don’t fit the Teddy Bear Ideal). I also find it hard to resist miniatures. You put those together and put them in front of me, and I am reduced to a blubbering, sputtering, squealing mess.


These teddies are so cute that I feel it’s just plain irresponsible to let them exist. Not that I mind. For instance, this teddy is wearing an eggshell like a hat. Like a fucking hat. How adorable is that!?!?!


There’s a teddy in this set who is wearing a donut like an inner tube. AN INNER TUBE. I think I might combust.