Shinzi Katoh order is in!

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Shinzi Katoh. Unfortunately, none of it is for me, but it is for other, charitable purposes. Still, I thought I’d share.

Shinzi Katoh is a zakka artist from Japan. This gentleman makes some of the loveliest and most adorable illustrations you could conceive of, and some that you probably couldn’t. I first became of this guy and his work via the world of bento. I saw some cute bento stuff with awesome artwork, wondered about it, discovered its origins. To die for!

Anyhow, here is a sample of some of the stuff that a lucky person could win from the Anime Boston charity raffle to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Central New England chapter:


But that’s not all! Oh, no! This is most of it, though, so don’t get yer hopes up! Other additions will include a cookin’ book and perhaps a couple of items to get a person started off on making their own cute lunches for on-the-go munching.