Making truffles, part 1.5

The first photo is not what it looks like, which is to say that I am a person who puts poop in her fridge to chill. Nope, just trying to get the choco to harden after forming them into unappetizing-looking balls. I formed them using my handy new scoop from Williams-Sonoma: it’s like a tiny ice cream scoop that makes 1″ balls. Should come in handy! I also got provisions for my green tea truffles, including what better be some incredibly good green tea powder, given the price and what I had to endure to get it (Sunday afternoon at suburban Whole Foods in affluent and snotty Boston suburb, you do the math).
I also made some labels! I’ve finished rolling them in cocoa powder, seating them in their little wax paper cups, and stashing them all in the fridge. They’ll get another dusting of cocoa powder before going to their recipients (I was thinking about finely crushed peanuts, too). Tomorrow comes the green tea truffles.