Have a beary nice Christmas!


Christian, my husband, got me a totally sweet Betsey Johnson necklace that I’d, oh, maybe sent him a link to at some point in the past couple weeks. Maybe. HE IS A GOOD AND COMPLIANT HUSBAND! He listens to my wishes. Betsey Johnson was one of my favorite fashion designers in high school (with clothes in the realm of affordable for a girl in high school with no living expenses and the occasional hundo slipped to her for a birthday or something along with p/t job money). As I’m on the tubbier side, I can’t really wear her stuff these days, but jewelry I can do. She did make some plus-size stuff for Torrid, which I hope she continues to do as long as I am not able to shop at her store on Newbury Street in Boston, ha ha.

He, in turn, received a book about the films of Steven Segal and a Fantastic Plastic Machine CD from me. We didn’t go bananas (hey, we just got a new car, what the hell more do we need besides less debt?) but it looks like we both secretly got presents for each other, haw haw!