Crazy winter storm


There was a nutty storm overnight. I am told that we didn’t get it nearly as bad as they did elsewhere on the coast of the Atlantic, and judging by photos I’ve seen, this is nuthin’.

I was pretty sick this past week from various and sundry MS-related symptoms and treatments, so I don’t have any more truffle photos to share, just experiences. People loved ’em, or they were humoring me in a very convincing manner. Today: making more green tea truffles!

I’ve been following the Korean cooking blog of a lady named Maangchi, and today I am going to make pickles using her recipe. I love watching her videos! She apparently does occasional meets in the tri-state area and takes people shopping at H Mart so they can learn how to source produce well. I’d like to try to go at some point. Something else she’s got me wanting is to buy some new cookware so I can better make bulgogi at home that isn’t so much grilled as broiled.