Amazing product from Japan.

After I went to get my hair touched up both before my hairdresser goes out on sick leave for several weeks and also to have nice hair in time for Anime Boston, Christian and I went to the Porter Exchange to get dinner at Cafe Mami and then to Kotobukiya to see what there was to see. The store was pretty ransacked. We looked around, not much to see. Something on a shelf caught my eye. Something with Rilakkuma, aka Relax Bear, the San-X character that I consider to be my totem animal because Relax Bear is all about relaxing. Not being lazy, just relaxing. Anyhow, I took a look, felt the package, realized what was going on, and gave a little squeak.

Maxi pads!


I feel that this rivals the Hello Kitty douche that I received from Prairie for my 21st birthday in terms of “what the fuck?”-ness.