A real post, not a Twitter update

It’s a real live post! Really!

I work on two conventions – Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. I’ve worked for Anime Boston since its humble beginnings back in 2003 as a security minion, working under one of my old and dear friends, Andrea. In 2010, I am the assistant manager of Publications, working under a new and highly-respected friend, Nicole. For Providence, I am the vice chair, just re-elected to another term, and I am working with my husband and many friends. It’s a sweet gig!

For Providence, we are thinking about our future, and specifically whether or not we have one. We’ve just re-elected our executive staff, and next we talk about stuff like venues, a potential name change, and then of course finding new staff or calling back old staffers, and all the fun logistical stuff.

The Providence event is age-restricted to 21-plus only. Why? It’s a very different scene from an all-ages show. You know this to be true if you go to see bands at clubs. It’s a quite different vibe.

I’m looking forward to the future!