Today’s lunch: pot roast from City Slicker!

Today’s lunch comes from an old favorite for takeout, the City Slicker Cafe in Somerville.

One of my coworkers told me about this awesome takeout place in Ball Square called the Urban Gourmet. This was back when I lived in Union Square. We got some stuff from them, and it was outstanding… yum pizza, an amazing BLT that was overflowing with delicious, delicious bacon and jalapeno mayo, and was just… you know. Really good. When Christian and I moved in together in Ball Square, imagine our delight to discover that the Urban Gourmet was just a couple of blocks away from us. It was run by a very nice guy and his wife and a few other employees. My favorite things to get were pretty much any of their pizzas, the aforementioned BLT, this yum chicken and spinach wrap, their pasta bolognese, and when it was available, their macaroni and cheese. It was more or less a sub shop, but without the cookie-cutter menu of every other sub shop you encounter in this state (or any other, pretty much). We’d order from or go there at least once a week while we lived in Somerville.

Shortly before or right after we moved away, the restaurant changed ownership. It also burnt down. 🙁 Insurance scammery was suspected.

HOWEVER! To my delight, the same folks who owned and operated the Urban Gourmet opened up a new place in Somerville where some crummy pizza place used to be. This new joint was called the City Slicker Cafe, had a really neat and fresh decorating scheme (lots of orange and white!) and most (but not all, not initially) of the stuff that was delicious from the Urban Gourmet. Hooray! I order from them at least a couple times a week, as does my husband. They seem to employ a bunch of awesome Eastern European delivery guys that we both agree are the best delivery guys ever because they follow instructions about delivery to the T. A lot of times when we order takeout (always via Foodler), the delivery guys are all “COME TO THE LOBBY” and I’m all “NO, COME UPSTAIRS, you can park worry-free out front for 20 minutes, chappy.” Ugh. Anyone who makes me leave my office does not get ordered from again. >:P I’ve got leg problems! C’mon!

Anyhow, I am always anxious to see what City Slicker’s seasonal specials are going to be, and one thing that I adore that they thankfully have been bringing back every fall is POT ROAST! Tender, fall-apart, flavorful, rich beef! Gravy! Potatoes! So good! I also got an empanada that I haven’t torn into yet. But the pot roast, the pot roast! My coworkers are all “What is that delicious smell?” and I am all “MY LUNCH!” 😀

Edit: Empanada is also good. Described as follows:

“Crispy empanada pastry filled with house made chorizo, Yukon gold potato, golden raisins, green olives and smoked cheddar cheese, served with red chili sauce.”

Has chorizo, potato, olives...

I love City Slicker, and so should you.